Events for Care4BrittleBones

A portion of our revenues will come from events.

Examples are:

  • Events such as Charity Runs or other sports events (e.g. related to shool sport activities)
  • Music events
  • Art / Exhibitions
  • Theater
  • Workshops
  • Auctions
  • Etc..

Inspirational message people with Brittle Bone Disease

The inspirational theme breakable bones | unbreakable spirit is directly derived from how people are living with Brittle Bone Disease every day. It is an encouraging message for everyone: everyone feels at times vulnerable, fragile and out of balance! The trick is to find the inner strength to rise above these limitations and - despite everything - grasp life by the horns and enjoy it (again)!

Where this power is originating from is different for everyone. Special talents, your family & friends, the faith, "to mean something for someone else" ... it does not matter what it is, if you know what produces this energy for you, how you can consciously seek it out and grow it so you can handle almost everything.

People with fragile bones are - generally - experts in this! Allow this to inspire you!

Event set up for Care4BrittleBones

Do you want to set up an event? Please contact us via We would be happy to support you!